Secure Beauty

Following a request from a wealth manager based in Switzerland, who was looking to protect the purchasing power of his client against currency devaluation & inflation with the help of fine gemstones, we launched a new product category – Leyser Gem Investment Certificates.

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New Competition: Become a jewellery designer!

We’ve launched a new competition to bring out the jewellery designer in you. Submit a design and our panel will select a winner, and produce it for you! 

Your design could be for any piece of jewellery; a ring? An earring? A bracelet? It’s up to you! Though you must include a semi-precious gemstone in your design; anything from aquamarine to tourmaline. The target retail price of the design is £2500. 

The winning designs will be chosen by our panel including Thomas Leyser, Sebastian Leyser and design studio Foxall Studio (Vogue / GQ / Shaun Leane) and the competition will close on 10 May, 2020.

Designs should be emailed to or uploaded to your social media using #leysermakes. Good luck!

New design launch – The Carousel Ring

Spin it like a fidget spinner! A perpetual movement with endless sparkle coming in two exclusive options…

18k Rose Gold with Rubellite & Mandarine Garnet

18k White Gold with Tanzanite & Green Tourmaline

Next is a recent fine piece of artisanal skill from our atelier. A collier in pastel colours set in 18k white gold with selected fine green beryl, aquamarine and morganites.


Exclusive gem design launch 
A hand carved & engraved lemon citrin leaf



You got me in a spin…

Introducing one of the finest Red Spinels from the Mahenge mine in Tanzania we have encountered here at Leyser.


Please see the full gem report from the Gübelin Lab in this pdf.

The stone is currently in our atelier in Germany and can be shown on sight across Europe on request.

La Secret / Le Touch

New from the Leyser London collection – two flagship pieces, La Secret & Le Touch

La Secret – An exquisite pendant with a mysterious heart.  The craftsman encased a perfect, carved rock crystal within bands of 18k white gold, and placed a rich ruby cabochon drop at its base. The clasp is embedded with pavé diamonds.

Le Touch is La Secret’s big sister. The same lovely design, but now the 18k white gold bands encasing the crystal are wider and embedded with pavé diamonds for extra sparkle. The drop at the pendant’s base is a fathomless green emerald.