Secure Beauty

Following a request from a wealth manager based in Switzerland, who was looking to protect the purchasing power of his client against currency devaluation & inflation with the help of fine gemstones, we launched a new product category – Leyser Gem Investment Certificates.

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New Competition: Become a jewellery designer!

We’ve launched a new competition to bring out the jewellery designer in you. Submit a design and our panel will select a winner, and produce it for you! 

Your design could be for any piece of jewellery; a ring? An earring? A bracelet? It’s up to you! Though you must include a semi-precious gemstone in your design; anything from aquamarine to tourmaline. The target retail price of the design is £2500. 

The winning designs will be chosen by our panel including Thomas Leyser, Sebastian Leyser and design studio Foxall Studio (Vogue / GQ / Shaun Leane) and the competition will close on 10 May, 2020.

Designs should be emailed to or uploaded to your social media using #leysermakes. Good luck!